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Put the power of simplifying the mortgage process in your hands

Jet Direct Mortgage is committed to making the process of securing a home loan as easy as possible for you. To that end, we have developed the Jet Direct Mobile mortgage app to simplify the home buying and lending process. Whether you are a home buyer looking to purchase a home, a current homeowner interested in refinancing, or a real estate agent hoping to speed up the process for your clients, the Jet Direct Mobile mortgage app has a feature to benefit you!

Ready to Start the Home Loan Process?

Here’s How It Works!

1. Calculate Mortgage Options

Are you still trying to figure out what you can afford or wondering what your mortgage payments will be? Don’t get stuck waiting! Use the mortgage calculator in your app to try different scenarios.
Your Part: 2-5 Minutes

2. Scan Encrypted Paperwork from Your App

With the Jet Direct Mortgage app, sending your documents is as easy as scanning with your app and pressing send. Plus, it’s encrypted and completely secure! Don’t fuss with a scanner, unsecured emails, or trips across town.
Your Part: 5-20 Minutes

3. Apply for a Loan on Your Phone

You can simply click a button in your app and fill out an application from anywhere. Don’t waste time with paper applications or complicated forms.
Your Part: 5-20 Minutes

4. Know What’s Happening with Your Loan

You can check the My Loan button in your Jet Direct Mortgage app to see where your loan is at in the process and what steps you’ve got ahead of you. You don’t need top secret clearance to know about your loan.
Your Part: 2-5 Minutes