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VA Loan

A variety of home loan options are available to you if you are looking for the perfect house. A VA loan may be available to you if you are married to a military spouse. There are many reasons to consider VA loans, but many military families don’t know what they have to offer. As a...

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Three Types of Mortgage Payments

Jet Direct Mortgage The terms used in the mortgage industry can be confusing. A mortgage payment looks like one large payment, but it is actually made up of several different parts. The main parts of payments are principal and interest. The amount of your monthly mortgage payment is based on your loan amortization, which is...

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How to find a Mortgage Company

Jet Direct Mortgage A mortgage company forms a legal contract between you and your lender. It states the terms of the sale of your home. A portion of each mortgage payment is used to pay the loan’s interest, and the remainder is used to pay down the balance of the loan. This payment is called...