Eli Weissman
Branch Manager
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Start the home loan process today with Jet Direct Mobile. Calculate mortgage options, scan documents, and apply for a loan all directly on your phone.

Rated top originator in FHA loans by dollar amount according to Scotsman Guide List of Top Originators 2013 through 2021!

Welcome to my website. I’m looking forward to putting our mortgage services to work for you!

Jet Direct Mortgage offers the best mortgage tools around. Easy, convenient, online shopping for the best loan programs and most current rates available, plus, I will be here to guide you through the often difficult and confusing process of choosing and getting the exact loan to meet your specific needs.

Purchasing a new home? Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home! There are many important things to consider throughout the process, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer.

Remodeling your home? If you are planning on remodeling your home – be it a kitchen, bathroom or backyard – I can help find the right loan for you.

Applying for a loan? Our online application via the Jet Direct Mobile app is conveniently designed to allow you to stop any time and pick up where you left off. After you submit an application, you can check loan status at your convenience from your mobile device.

Diana Bernal
Diana Bernal
I really appreciate the effort and flexibility provided by the Jet Direct Team.
Guerys Mojica
Guerys Mojica
Wish I could post 10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Incredibly knowledgeable and very professional and attentive team and staff, Mr. Eli is just amazing and one of the best in the business. I highly recommend him , not just to any clients but to my family and friends.
Shpresa Grishaj
Shpresa Grishaj
Eli Weissman just closed for a buyer on one of my million dollar listings. Everything went as smooth as can be. I was very impressed with him and his team and look forward to working with them again with my own buyer clients. I highly recommend Eli and his team to handle your mortgage or refinance!
Robby M
Robby M
I had an awesome experience with Jet Direct mortgage. They exhibit team work and every ember of the team is responsible and professional about what they do. The communication chain is very effective and makes the entire process effortless and smooth. Thank you for your service. I got approved in a little over a month. I highly recommend them!
Marlene Robinson
Marlene Robinson
The staff at Jet Direct Mortgage was exceptional in guiding my husband and I through the process of achieving our mortgage loan. When we felt overwhelmed and frustrated and thought all hope was lost and it wouldn't have been possible, they were patient, understanding, facilitating and kind. It's their experience, expertise and professionalism that allowed us to trust them and made the process a success. To all the staff at Jet Direct who shared our journey, a BIG THANK YOU!!!
Kevin Bonar
Kevin Bonar
The staff at Jet Direct Mortgage were nothing short of amazing 🤩 They assisted my wife and I every step of the way and turned a very difficult mortgage process into a procedure as smooth as silk. I most certainly would recommend them to anyone interested in obtaining a mortgage. This was our first mortgage and I have no regrets. I look forward to working with them in the near future when I look to purchase another property. KB
yzabela t
yzabela t
The entire team did a great job or communicating effectively! For the average, everyday person like myself, purchasing a home can be a very confusing deal filled with unknown terms and information! The Jet Direct Mortgage team makes it very simple to get the job done & help the client understand the process as well.
Jamar Burke
Jamar Burke
Eli Weissman helped me and my wife purchase a beautiful home on Staten Island. Even though we had a few bumps in the road Jet Direct Mortgage made everything possible for us to close on the property.Good or bad credit no problem Eli and his team are phenomenal and knows how to get the job done just have patience.
Omar Swazy
Omar Swazy
I worked closely with Jet Direct Mortgage as a first time buyer. This company as a whole opened me with open arms and guided me with precision. One individual who worked directly with me was a person by the name of Symphony Winborne, she answered all queries, and also facilitated my whole purchase in a timely manner. Symphony took considerable amounts of efforts to make this purchase as less tumultuous as possible.
Ephraim Obi
Ephraim Obi
Indeed I’m so pleased by the quality services rendered by Jet Direct Mortgage under the able supervision of Mr Eli Weissman. The diligence and painstaking services of the team is quite impressing.Once they have a client to work with, they always put up their best in a very professional manner, and make sure that the end result will be very productive. Thank you team Eli Ephraim I. Obiamaukwu

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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator with Taxes and Insurance

Use this calculator to generate an estimated amortization schedule for your current mortgage. Quickly see how much interest you could pay and your estimated principal balances. You can even determine the impact of any principal prepayments! Press the "Report" button for a full yearly or monthly amortization schedule.

Javascript is required for this calculator. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to select to 'Allow Blocked Content' to view this calculator.

Mortgage amount

Original or expected balance for your mortgage.

Term in years

The number of years over which you will repay this loan. The most common mortgage terms are 15 years and 30 years.

Interest rate

Annual fixed interest rate for this mortgage.

Monthly payment (PI)

Monthly principal and interest payment (PI).

Monthly payment (PITI)

Monthly payment including principal, interest, homeowners insurance and property taxes.

Annual property taxes

The annual amount you expect to pay in property taxes. This amount is divided by 12 to determine the monthly property tax included in PITI.

Annual home insurance

The annual amount you expect to pay in homeowners insurance. This amount is divided by 12 to determine the monthly home owners insurance included in PITI.

Total payments

Total of all monthly payments over the full term of the mortgage. This total payment amount assumes that there are no prepayments of principal.

Total interest

Total of all interest paid over the full term of the mortgage. This total interest amount assumes that there are no prepayments of principal.

Prepayment type

The frequency of prepayment. The options are none, monthly, yearly and one-time payment.

Prepayment amount

Amount that will be prepaid on your mortgage. This amount will be applied to the mortgage principal balance, based on the prepayment type.

Start with payment

This is the payment number that your prepayments will begin with. For a one-time payment, this is the payment number that the single prepayment will be included in. All prepayments of principal are assumed to be received by your lender in time to be included in the following month’s interest calculation. If you choose to prepay with a one-time payment for payment number zero, the prepayment is assumed to happen before the first payment of the loan.


Total amount of interest you will save by prepaying your mortgage.

Report amortization

Choose how the report will display your payment schedule. Annually will summarize payments and balances by year. Monthly will show every payment for the entire term.

Information and interactive calculators are made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use and are not intended to provide investment advice. We cannot and do not guarantee their applicability or accuracy in regards to your individual circumstances. All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues.

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