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How Do I Find the Best Mortgage Rates in Florida

Searching for the best mortgage rates in Florida can be confusing, especially when online rates don’t match up with reality. To accurately compare the cost of your loan, it’s essential to request a personalized quote. Even if you have low savings or poor credit, don’t let it stop you from getting an accurate estimate.

Discover the affordability of buying a home in Florida – it may surprise you! Don’t let other tourist hotspots make you believe that Florida mortgage rates are sky-high. In reality, they’re comparable to national averages. Plus, interest rates for mortgage and refinance options are even lower than the norm. When you factor in monthly homeowner costs and cost of living metrics, buying a home in Florida is right on par with what you’d expect. And when it comes to the allure of living in the Sunshine State, purchasing a home here is definitely worth considering. Head South and get ready to soak up the sun in your very own Florida abode.

Getting a mortgage in Florida

Florida Mortgage Guide: What You Need to Know Before Taking the Plunge

Thinking of buying a house in the Sunshine State? Hold on, there’s more to it than just signing a deal. While the median home price and monthly ownership costs in Florida align with the national average, the actual cost of living varies greatly in different cities. Some areas offer affordable living whereas costs go well above the national average in others.

On a brighter note, mortgage rates in the state of Florida are slightly lower than the national average, providing some relief on your biggest expense as a homeowner. However, be ready to pay a higher price for homeowner’s insurance due to the state’s vulnerability to hurricanes and other natural disasters. Florida ranks 14th highest in the US for insurance costs.

All in all, Florida sits somewhere in the middle when it comes to cost of living. So, if you’re all set to take the plunge, make sure to keep these factors in mind before making any mortgage-related decisions.

Florida state mortgage rate trends

Florida’s mortgage and refinance rates have mirrored national trends over the past two years. In May 2018, the average interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate loan in Florida was marginally above 4.25%. Soon after, rates climbed to approximately 4.85% before following a steady downward trajectory that persists today.

Although there was a spike in early 2020, with 30-year fixed-rate loans climbing to around 4.25%, rates quickly fell again and continued on their downward path. In Florida, most fixed-term lending products and adjustable-rate mortgages (excluding 3/1 ARMs) followed a similar trend- with the 3/1 ARMs being the only exception, demonstrating a fluctuating “spikes and drops” pattern before stabilizing slightly above the 30-year fixed rate.

Least expensive places to live in Florida

Discover the Top 5 Most Affordable Cities to Live in Florida

Looking to stretch your dollar in the Sunshine State? Here are the top 5 cheapest places to live in Florida:

Brooksville, Florida – A small county town between Orlando and Tampa, Brooksville boasts the lowest cost of living in Florida. With a median home value of just $49,000 and median rent at $806, living here won’t break the bank.

Palatka, Florida – For an affordable place to call home, check out Palatka. The median home value is $78,100 and median gross rent is $693.

Live Oak, Florida – Enjoy a low cost of living in Live Oak, with a median home price of only $88,700 and monthly homeownership costs of $975. Median gross rent is $675.

North Fort Myers, Florida – You can save big in North Fort Myers, with housing costs 58% below the national average. Median home price is $145,823 and median rent is just $458.60. Utility costs are also 12% below the national average.

Orange City, Florida – Get the best bang for your buck in Orange City, with overall cost of living 6% below the national average. The median home price is $288,704 and median rent is $904.38, making it an affordable option.

Most expensive places to live in Florida

Discover the Most Expensive Places to Live in Sunny Florida

Are you considering a move to the Sunshine State? Before you pack your bags, take a look at the priciest cities in Florida. Here are five top contenders:

Windermere, Florida — Located just outside of Orlando, this city boasts a cost of living that’s 34% higher than the national average. Housing is the biggest expense, with median home prices at a jaw-dropping $698,692 and monthly rent averaging $2,189.

Naples, Florida — Nestled on Florida’s west coast, Naples offers a median home price of $941,700 and a median gross rent of $1,343. Monthly ownership costs can soar as high as $3,350.

Coral Gables, Florida — Prepare to pay a pretty penny for the privilege of living in lovely Coral Gables. The median home value is a staggering $795,600, with homeownership rates hovering around 64%.

Miami Shores, Florida — Extortionate housing costs put Miami Shores 30% above the national average. With a median home price of $684,636 and a monthly rent of $2,145, living here doesn’t come cheap.

Key West, Florida — This tropical tourist destination remains prohibitively expensive for locals, with a median home price of $578,100 and median gross rent of $1,793. Homeownership rates are low, at just 40.5%.

Will mortgage rates go down in 2023 2024

Bank of America predicts a drop in mortgage rates to 5.25% by the conclusion of 2023. According to the research team at this investment bank, the highest mortgage rates were reached in 2022. This scenario will culminate in the narrowing of the considerable spread between the 30-year mortgage rates and the 10-year Treasury yield during 2023.

Will mortgage interest rates go down in 2024

In 2023, the Fed predicts a maximum interest rate range of 5-5.25 percent, which is expected to drop to 4.25-4.5 percent by the close of 2024 according to officials.

What Is a Good Refinance Rate in Florida?

Florida’s refinance rates are currently lower than the national average for mortgages. For instance, the national average rate for a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) is 4.92%, while Florida boasts a 4.26% rate. The same applies to a 30-year FRM, with the national average at 5.81% and Florida’s rate at 4.99%, as well as to a 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), with the national average standing at 4.41% and Florida’s at 4.13%.

While everyone wants a favorable interest rate when refinancing, it’s essential to realize that a “good” rate depends on your specific circumstances, such as your loan amount, credit score, and income. Comparing multiple lenders’ quotes can help you secure the best deal that suits your needs. Keep in mind that refinance rates in Florida change regularly, so act fast once you find an attractive offer.

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