Intro to Mortgages

Three Types of Mortgage Payments

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The terms used in the mortgage industry can be confusing. A mortgage payment looks like one large payment, but it is actually made up of several different parts. The main parts of payments are principal and interest. The amount of your monthly mortgage payment is based on your loan amortization, which is the time it will take to pay off the loan. As time passes, more of your payment goes toward the principal, and less goes to interest. To better understand your monthly payment, consider these three types of payments. A mortgage company is a type of financial company that originates and underwrites loans. These firms are sometimes called direct lenders. They typically offer only mortgage products and do not offer other banking services or products. Many companies operate online or through limited branch locations, which can cut down on the amount of face-to-face interaction needed. In addition to lower operating costs, these mortgage companies may offer a variety of creative loan options, such as loans to people with less-than-perfect credit. Full-service banks are federally chartered financial institutions that provide loans and other banking services. In addition to traditional mortgages, they also offer business loans, investment products, and insurance. While mortgage companies are not regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, they are subject to state regulation. As such, it is important to choose a bank that will provide you with the best service and interest rates. Moreover, you can compare the various terms and conditions offered by different companies. If you are in need of a mortgage call Jet Direct Mortgage today for help>