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Keeping Yourself Entertained While Staying Home and Social Distancing

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Despite the Coronavirus situation seemingly getting worse by the day, accessible home entertainment seems to be more and more plentiful. Shows, games, virtual tours, digital books – it seems like there are more options available to keep ourselves occupied with each passing day. Here’s a brief list of some great ways to help stay sane while staying home.

Movies & Shows

Probably the most common form of social distancing is laying down watching a movie or a show. Many companies are offering free streaming of specific shows and movies temporarily, such as Adult Swim offering the entire Samurai Jack series to be streamed for free. Lucky for all you couch potatoes, there are a numerous methods of streaming quality movies and shows for free, including:

Be sure to contact your public library as well. Many libraries offer streaming services via Hoopla or Kanopy.


With gyms being closed indefinitely, exercising regularly may not be so easy. Many businesses are finding new way to help keep people fit. Both Peloton and Echelon are offering free 90-day trials for their respective services that offer numerous live and on-demand classes. Daily Burn is offering a 30 day free trial of its class based service. Planet Fitness is offering free classes every day at 7pm EST on their Facebook page.


Jack Box Games are a fantastic way to engage with your friends and family while social distancing. These games turn the players smartphone into their controller, allowing folks to play without any additional hardware. Jack box offers a wide variety of fun party games to keep everyone entertained at a low price. In fact, Drawful 2 is currently being offered for free on the Mac App Store and on Steam. Everyone’s favorite risqué card game, Cards Against Humanity, is now available to print and play at home for free. Albeit it is a PG version of the game, all it takes is a printer and a decent surplus of ink to starting having fun with your friends.


Audio based entertainment servicer, audible, is now offering a bunch of audio original content for free with the creation of an audible account. These titles include:

  • The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey
  • An Act of God
  • Evil Eye
  • Feeding the Dragon
  • The Half-Life of Marie Curie
  • Proof of Love
  • Sakina’s Restaurant